the new dose of stones-tinged pain relief from backwoods creek


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Backwoods Creek are back with a healthy dose of Stones-tinged pain relief. ‘Morphine' is out 5th February.


After a year filled with new sorts of crazy and old sorts of attitude, Backwoods Creek are here to start off the new one with their new single ‘Morphine’. With their first track of 2021, they’re back to help you lose those bad blues and fill your head with good ones. This is a quick little tale of the one through the window that you couldn't let get away. We’re sure you can relate.


Morphine hits with something fresh, albeit with that sweet, signature BC sound flowing in the undertow. The licks, the grooves, the pipes. You get the picture.


While the Creek boys aren’t numb to the events of 2020, they realise that someone has to be the band that played on. They can’t sit back and wait on the world to change because you, the fans and friends are still out there. With that said though, they're counting down the days until they can be out there with you again.


So go on, go and ask the one you’ve been thinking of the big question - ‘Can I get a little morphine from you?’. Send them our way if they don’t understand, we’ll explain it all.


Morphine by Backwoods Creek is out 5th February.



From the heart of London, Backwoods Creek bring something to the table most choose to shy away from. Unashamedly ready to make you laugh, cry and sing, this quintet are picking up the broken pieces of the world and mixing them together real strong, one show at a time.


After a year of success within an ever changing world, Backwoods Creek are proving that they are a band that is here to stay.


Quoted as being reminiscent of Zac Brown Band, Eagles and with a hint of The Allman Brothers Band, the Creek are here to show that you don’t have to be some old pastiche when you live on the east side of the pond.



“These guys are f*****g badass man, BADASS”


- Lewis Brice



Backwoods Creek have a really interesting approach to modern country music. Great harmonies, groove, and a lot of fun!


- Jessica Lynn



"Backwoods Creek hold firmly the ground between party-rock anthems and Americana boot stompers! They deserve to be turned up as loud as your speakers will go.”


- Drew Dixon













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