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Backwoods Creek take us back to ‘Better Days’ with their hard-hitting new single.

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Better Days audio + artwork - Click here

Backwoods Creek take us back to ‘Better Days’ with their hard-hitting new single.


London-based Country-rock quintet Backwoods Creek are a short time away from releasing their new single ‘Better Days’ to the world. A tried and tested singalong anthem, this is one for all those fans reminiscing back to the days before the world went on pause. Lyrically ‘Better Days’ tells a deep story of hardship and overcoming, ending with an uplifting & very relevant sentiment ‘I’ll see you again’. Of course the song wouldn’t be complete without the signature Creek sound - driving drums, deep bass, dual guitars and powerful vocals - starting the fire for when things return to normality.


Better Days is out now.


Despite festivals and shows being postponed, Backwoods Creek see no reason to sit back and watch the world go by. Instead of a filled touring schedule, the Creek boys are keeping fans warm with a constant stream of content for them to sink their teeth into, including multiple new releases and their ever-popular video series, the ‘Creek Cave Sessions’ (click to find out more).

You can be sure that once fans and newcomers alike experience The Creek from their desks at home, they’ll be counting down the days until concerts start again!


From the heart of London, Backwoods Creek bring something to the table most choose to shy away from. Unashamedly ready to make you sing, laugh and cry, this quintet are picking up the broken pieces of the world and mixing them together real strong, one show at a time.

Building on this success of their previous releases, ‘Better ‘Days’ will aim to further establish the band in the both country & rock scenes, with a powerful message behind a unifying singalong sound. Quoted as being reminiscent of Zac Brown Band, Eagles and maybe just a hint of The Allman Brothers Band, Backwoods Creek are proving that you can be an authentic country rock outfit whilst living on the other side of the pond!


“These guys are f*****g badass man, BADASS”

- Lewis Brice


Backwoods Creek have a really interesting approach to modern country music. Great harmonies, groove, and a lot of fun!

- Jessica Lynn


"Backwoods Creek hold firmly the ground between party-rock anthems and Americana boot stompers! They deserve to be turned up as loud as your speakers will go.”

- Drew Dixon








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