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Manager:     Kamil Bartnik


Phone:        07949 563 501

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The banD

“These guys are f*****g badass man, BADASS”.

- Lewis Brice


Heartland, Country, Rock 'n' Roll? Call them whatever you want.

From the heart of London, Backwoods Creek bring something to the table most choose to shy away from. Unashamedly ready to make you sing, laugh and cry, this quintet are picking up the broken pieces of the world and fixing them together real strong, one show at a time.

Since early 2017 the Creek have been carving out their own unique path playing multiple sold out shows and festivals (such as AEG’s Country2Country and Manchester’s own Buckle & Boots Festival) whilst also receiving countless nominations at various UK award shows - going on to win the BCMA “Video of the Year” award for their mid-2018 single - ‘When I Grow up’.

In between their uncompromising tour schedule, the Creek Boys followed up on 2018’s ‘It’s About Time’ EP with their most recent single, ’Coulda Been You’, which was well received and featured regularly on BBC radio and Country Hits radio.


Building on this success, their latest single 'On the Line' will aim to further establish the band in the country scene, with their standout harder hitting sound. Quoted as being reminiscent of Zac Brown Band, Eagles and maybe just a hint of The Allman Brothers Band, Backwoods Creek are proving that you can be an authentic country rock outfit while being from the right-hand side of the pond.


Get yourself down to a show, just make sure you’ve got the feel-good pills ready for the morning.


Jamie Wood - Vocals

Dean Parker - Guitar

Yannick Van Riet - Guitar

George Price - Bass

Kamil Bartnik - Drums

"The band went down a storm and played with a maturity way beyond their years."

Building Our Own Nashville

"Take a look at these guys for a lesson in making an impact and integrating into the scene."

- Your Life In a Song

"The band have captured an authentic sound that feels organic. Nothing about them sounds forced."

     - Entertainment Focus

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