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Country Rock...Southern Rock 'n' roll? Call them what you want.


Hailing from the heart of the UK, Backwoods Creek bring a special something to the table that most choose to shy away from. Emanating a vibe that combines old-school southern rock with stadium level story telling, you can guarantee their show will have you laughing, crying and singing until you simply can’t anymore.


The quintet are the epitome of a good-time band, being long term friends, songwriters and band-mates, their personality is nothing short of infectious and shines through in spades at every single show. Having played numerous sold-out shows, multiple illustrious festivals (such as AEG’s Country2Country) the boys are dead set on both proving who they are, and sharing what they have to say.


The Creek have drawn vast, eclectic comparisons, but are best summed up as sounding like Blackberry Smoke and the Eagles got into a bar fight, and the Allman Brothers Band had to break it up! 

So if that sounds like your scene (or even if it doesn’t!) get yourself down to a show…just make sure you’ve got the feel-good pills ready for the morning!

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Jamie Wood - Vocals

Yannick Van Riet - Guitar

Jonny Postlethwaite - Guitar

George Price - Bass

Jack Daynes - Drums

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